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Canapè Options

The Sweet and Sour Horseback R45 per person (min 20).
Sausages, Ham and cheese mini quiche, Sweet and sour wings, “Devils on horseback” (dates with bacon) and a mustard dip.


Dessert delight R35 per person (min 20).
Chocolate muffins, Mini lemon meringues, Mini milk tarts and Crumpets with jam and cream

Fromage R60 per person (min 20).
Cheese, breads and cracker board, Cheddar, blue cheese, Brie/Camembert, cream cheese, pate

Fresh and guilt free Veggie R40 per person (min 20).
Broccoli florets, Carrot strips, Celery strips, Spring onions, Cherry tomatoes, Sugar snap peas, Baby corn, Baby marrows, Baby potatoes with Tzatziki and blue Cheese dip.

Meat lovers feast R85 per person (min 20).
Sausages, Sticky chicken wings, Lamb kebabs, Pork ribs, Devils on horseback, Bobotie meatballs with Barbeque dip, Mustard dip and Red onion marmalade.

The whole shebang! R139 per person (min 20).
Carrot strips, Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber strips, Baby corn with tzatziki dip. Ham and cheese mini quiche, Samosas, Sausage rolls, Sausages, Spicy chicken strips, Lamb kebabs, Pork ribs with mustard dip. Cream cheese, Blue cheese with Crostini and rolls, Chocolate muffins and Mini lemon meringues.

High tea R55 per person (min 20).
Creamy chicken pancakes, bacon and mushroom mini quiches, scones with jam and cream and mini pecan pies.

(Traveling cost not included).